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WRAP (We Reach Amazing Potential) is an autism center located in Dunwoody, GA dedicated to improving the quality of life for low-to-moderate functioning children between the ages of 10 and 16, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other spectrum-like diagnoses.

Our goal is to make strides and improvements in the area of:

Skills & Language Acquisition
Learning skills
Social skills

We have seen that as children age in autism, resources and services become limited, especially for children that are not functioning at their academic level. With this in mind and the belief that the ability to learn is ongoing, WRAP was opened to provide educational services for this particular subset of children.

At WRAP, we challenge and push our children to reach their greatest potential.

We also challenge and push ourselves to make sure that we are providing an exceptional environment where our children can be successful. We do this by taking part in ongoing, evidence based training and by creating our own encompassing teaching manual and guidelines to make sure that we are, across the board, addressing the various areas for each child.

Last but not least, we’re partnering and building relationships with organizations, groups and individuals with similar visions regarding our children. We cannot do this alone .. no one can do this alone.

As the mother of a child with Classic autism, I’m aware of the concerns of parents and committed to making improvements in the educational arena.

With so much love,
Heather Strozier, Owner
WRAP Autism Center