About Us

About Us


Located in Dunwoody, GA, the Strozier Autism Center is a program whose primary focus is to help improve the quality of life for non-speaking individuals, over the age of 12, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other spectrum-like diagnoses.

We’ve seen that as children age in Autism, resource and service options become enormously limited. With our belief in the intellectual uniqueness of our students along with the understanding that the ability to learn is unending, our goal is to provide services that will help our students continue advancing.

Our goal is to make strides and improvements in the area of:

Social Learning & Integration


Learning Skills


Conduct & Performance

Language Acquisition

We do this by varying our approach based on the needs of the student and we also stay current on the latest educational methods and protocols.

As the mother of a young adult with Classic Autism, I’m aware of the daily concerns and stress of parents and I’m committed to making improvements in the educational arena that are conducive for our

With so much love,

Heather Strozier

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide services concentrated on improving the social, functional and academic skills and abilities of individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or a similar diagnosis.

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